Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors are very popular these days. The main reason behind the great popularity of these modern doors is that they are available in varied designs and styles while being very easy and quick to install. Homeowners nowadays prefer this door because of the fact that the installation of them is very easy, and they are also quite affordable. They are available in the market easily in different styles that are not only versatile but even classic. They have an attractive appeal of their own and are quite useful for the interior decoration of the house because of the fact that they can be painted, varnished and stain wooden. The versatility that they possess has made them so very attractive and sought after by home owners. There are various other features of these doors that can be summed up and taken as the main reason behind their increasing popularity.

Louvered Doors

Make air circulation easy

The closets of people always require proper air circulation because of their content. Air circulation is very important in shoe closets so that the odor of shoes can be kept away. Pantries also require adequate air circulation in order to protect the fresh vegetables and fruits. These doors are designed in such a way that they make the air circulation easy and possible. They possess a design that allows the air to flow through the louvers of the door. The louvers are the metal or the wood that is inserted in the frame of the door.

The Different Styles

These beautiful doors are available in different styles, the most famous among them being the plantation, the cafe and the saloon. The cafe type louver doors are only twenty four inches long; this is the reason why they are considered to be perfect for the laundry room and in between the kitchen and the dining room. The saloon style door is so very short, and they possess a cool western style. The plantation door is the one that is used commonly; they are perfect for any closet as they have an extension from the top to the floor of the doorway.

The Most Common Style

Wood is the most common type of louvered door. Pine is the wood that is used in making this type of door because of the fact that pine is a hardwood and is also resistant to bug infestation. They are also available unfinished; therefore, it is possible to paint and stain them according to the decor of the house and in the color that matches with the color of the house or room. The other types of woods that can be used in making Louvered Doors are cherry, oak and mahogany; although, they might not turn out to be as useful and decorative as the ones made out of pine because they cannot be obtained unfinished. If they were unfinished in mahogany, oak, or cherry, they would appear as normal wood.


The prices of this type of door vary according to the material used in making them, their size and shape, and most importantly upon the fact that whether they are finished or unfinished. The prices of the unfinished door are cheaper than the ones that are finished as they are not stained and painted. However, people who are interested in buying such a door should check out with the local retailers in order to get the best door prices in their area. Online stores could also be very useful in trying to find the best door prices; online stores deal in genuine agreements and they also supply quality products that are useful for their customers. The best thing about this door is that they are easily available in the market and can be purchased at affordable prices by even the common people in the society. They are not very expensive and can give a very classy look to the interior of the house.